Dropped Four Dress Sizes!

Gaia’s expertise and professional approach was impressive, in total I had three sessions with Gaia and have dropped four dress sizes in ten months. I am now very happy at my ideal weight and my midnight binges are a thing of the past. I highly recommend contacting Gaia through the hypnotherapy in Wales website. I am completely transformed after my sessions.


Life Changed Completely

I had a hypnotherapy session in Cardiff with Gaia last month, I had been smoking for twenty years and my habit was really starting to take a toll on my health. I contacted Transform Yourself Therapies and had a free consultation, after just one session I managed to quit! My life has changed completely and my bank balance is now better now too!


Highly Recommended

I decided to contact an NLP Practitioner where I live in Cardiff to help me with my anxiety issues, After having a session with Gaia I am so astonished that I am no longer affected by it! NLP is a truly powerful healing modality and I highly recommend it to anyone that is seeking positive change in their lives!


Free of My Fear

I had an NLP session in Cardiff with Transform Therapies. For as long as I can remember I’d had an irrational fear of water, after having two sessions with Gaia I am now am to visit the beach and lakes and really enjoy. I’m so happy I’m finally free of my fear


TFT Really Worked for Me

TFT really worked for me, I had an awful fear of heights and have never been on a plane or traveled far. After just one session of TFT with Gaia I have no fear of heights and even flew to Barbados last month


Now Able to Go Out

I was doubtful about weather TFT would work for my agoraphobia issue but after just two sessions I am now able to go out and about in the community and am starting to enjoy life. Thank you Gaia


Business Has Grown

I’ve been having life coaching sessions with Gaia regularly for the past few months, since then my business in Cardiff has grown more than I could. My motivation levels and clarity of thinking in decision making has grown exponentially


Started My Training

I was looking for clarity of thinking in term of what career option was right for me and felt like, since I started seeing life coach Gaia Love in Cardiff I’ve started my training to be a florist, I’m so happy I’ve finally chose a career that fit well with me and my passions