Thought Field Therapy Tapping


What is Thought Field Therapy or TFT

Thought Field Therapy abbreviated to TFT, is a sequential tapping process that involves tapping on specific energy pathways or acupuncture meridian points of the body whilst tuning in to a specific thought field or experience. It is a remarkably effective healing modality that works directly to transmute the root and fundamental causes of the issue, there by canceling out the effect.

As a species, when we have issues or problems they are directly connected to our autonomatic nervous system when we clear energetic blockages through tapping the related acupressure point we clear this and the issues and problem are also dissolved with the blockages.

Some of our emotional experiences cause our natural flow of energy to become blocked within the body resulting in a myriad of issues. When we think of a something we are tuning in to a thought field,  like a specific channel when you tube in to a radio. In the thought field are informational coded programs and patterns known by TFT as ‘perturbations’. These perturbations are the root cause of the negative emotion and generate the emotional experience associated with the particular thought.


TFT Tapping Sequences

TFT uses specific algorithm tapping sequences for different issues, these are healing codes that enable to body to release the pent up blocked energy causing the problem, which then balances the body’s energy system. Essentially by tapping on the relevant meridian points in a specific sequence the emotional distress and related problem(s) are switched off and deactivated. The person is still able access and think of the memory that was troubling them but the negative emotions associated with the issue such as rage, shame or fear are no longer felt. TFT also uses certain eye movements and sounds and a distress measure on a scale of 1 – 10, the tapping is repeated until no level of distress is reported by the client and it is at 0.

TFT can successfully eliminate most issues in a very short time frame problems such addictions, phobias, traumas, love pain, anxiety as well as much more are all healed through this incredible healing modality. TFT is non invasive, self administered and non invasive, it is short term a healthy self help solution to long term drug related psychotherapy.

Science is now showing that our thoughts have a direct impact on our physical and emotional health. Bruce Lipton PHD a renowned cell biologist author off the biology of belief. Dr Masaru Emoto’s research on water showed an incredible change in the waters composition when exposed to words and thoughts, positive energy caused beautiful crystalline structures where as negative energy caused no structure in the water. Considering we are mostly made up of water this shows our emotions directly effect our overall well being.


History of TFT

Dr Callahan discovered the technique in the 1980’s, he first studied kinesiology which looks at the body’s energy meridian system, when working on facilitating healing for a woman named Mary Ford he first realized the power of tapping on meridian points of the body. Mary had a severe phobia of water and whilst stood next to it with Dr Callaghan she stated she had a sick feeling in her stomach, Dr Callaghan suggested she tap the meridian point under her eye which is where the stomach meridian is. After doing this Mary and Dr Callaghan were amazed that the sick feeling in her stomach and the severr phobia of water had gone! This was the first beginnings of TFT.

TFT Really Worked for Me

TFT really worked for me, I had an awful fear of heights and have never been on a plane or traveled far. After just one session of TFT with Gaia I have no fear of heights and even flew to Barbados last month


Now Able to Go Out

I was doubtful about weather TFT would work for my agoraphobia issue but after just two sessions I am now able to go out and about in the community and am starting to enjoy life. Thank you Gaia