Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro – Linguistic Programming and is a behavioral technology that is used for the development of human excellence and personal power. .  NLP is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and life changing tools to come from modern psychology as it is the study of subjective experience and has lead to a greater understanding of the human mind. The NLP modality brings about positive transformational change and is a vast and complex technique that consists of three factors, neurology, language and programming.


What an NLP Practitioner Does

An NLP Practitioner focuses on the human behaviors and processes that result from these elements. Neurology is concerned with the mind and how we think, linguistics with how we use language and how it affects us and programming can be described as neurological patterns, programs and strategies that we use to achieve our desired outcomes.

Gaia Evalyn Love of Transform Therapies works as an qualified NLP Master Practitioner and holds sessions in Cardiff, Wales. She is a member of the CMA the Complementary Medical Association, The International Association of NLP Coaches (IANLPC), The International Alliance of Holistic Therapist IAHT as well as the ACCPH Accredited Counselors, Coaches, psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists.

Through the power of language NLP Practitioners are able to break down our limiting beliefs and mental barriers. NLP allows you achieve the personal change you desire. NLP provides us a way to understand how our values and beliefs create our emotional states and what meanings we give to different experience. Each person has there own subjective perspective and internal map, unique to them, through applied techniques and language we are able to shift and create new internal associations and new paradigms for ourselves.

The Benefits Of NLP

NLP works by changing the way you perceive the world, it gives you the ability to adopt, change or eliminate behaviors and also the ability to choose and control your emotional and mental state. NLP is an extremely powerful transformational tool that can increase your quality of life. NLP and Hypnotherapy both work with the subconscious to produce the results desired.

NLP was first created in 1972 John Grinder and Richard Bandler who created using a combination of several other therapies such as hypnotherapy, gestalt therapy and hypnosis. Richard Bandler defined NLP as ‘The ability to master your own states by running your own brain’ and John Grinder ‘The study of excellence and how to reproduce it’.

Modelling is a main element in the study and application of NLP and looks at how individuals and organizations get their results and develop their brilliance and excellence. By choosing NLP you are choosing lasting transformational change. NLP has been successfully used to eliminate addictions, erroneous limiting belief systems, self-sabotage, fears, self-doubt, subconscious blocks, stress and relationship issues.

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Highly Recommended

I decided to contact an NLP Practitioner where I live in Cardiff to help me with my anxiety issues, After having a session with Gaia I am so astonished that I am no longer affected by it! NLP is a truly powerful healing modality and I highly recommend it to anyone that is seeking positive change in their lives!


Free of My Fear

I had an NLP session in Cardiff with Transform Therapies. For as long as I can remember I’d had an irrational fear of water, after having two sessions with Gaia I am now am to visit the beach and lakes and really enjoy. I’m so happy I’m finally free of my fear