Weight Management

Hypnotherapy has shown to be a highly effective tool in assisting weight management and weight loss, even if you lack the willpower or self-confidence to do so. By using hypnotherapy for your weight loss you will be able to achieve your desired results and also become more successful long term in that you will be able to keep the weight off.

Hypnotherapy is one of the safest ways you can use to help you maintain your ideal weight and is one of the more common reasons people choose to have a hypnotherapy session.

Studies have shown the diets for quick weight loss are ineffective are maintaining the lost weight is effective and often the person ends up putting more weight back on after.

Traditional diets for weight loss do not investigate the reasons why you have put weight on or are over eating. To be able to lose weight and keep it off hypnotherapy really helps in that you will be given suggestions to improve your confidence, self esteem and will power as well as changing any limiting belief systems you hold around being able to lose the weight.

During the weight loss hypnotherapy session we will change your attitudes to losing weight, eating habits and retrain your mind to only allow you to eat when you are hungry. We will also use gastric band therapy which involves using suggestions to fit a virtual gastric band using deep hypnotic suggestion and guided imagery, this then allows the client to have more control of their weight and appetite. Another technique of hypnotic virtual stomach stapling can be used. Both these hypnotic methods are completely non-invasive and are an imaginary technique, which have powerful lasting effects on our subconscious minds.

Other powerful healing techniques will be used as well such as the NLP timeline technique as well as TFT tapping. You will also be taught certain aftercare techniques such as self hypnosis and NLP anchors to help you maintain your desired weight.

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