Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool for removing unwanted habits such as smoking. In fact Hypnotherapy has become well renowned for its success in this area and it is one of the most common reasons people book in a hypnotherapy session.

There are many reasons why people want to live a smoking free life, some of them include because of its dangers on our health and well-being, its financial cost and social stigma. Hypnotherapy is a powerful process in which your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed and limiting beliefs removed. Such a belief may be ‘smoking helps me to stay calm’ however through Hypnotherapy any emotional issues associated with smoking such as anxiety, can also be effectively addressed. As long as there is a genuine desire to stop smoking Transform Therapies has shown a track record of successful cases in terms of stopping smoking. Stopping smoking requires motivation however, which can also be ignited through hypnotherapy.


Benefits to stopping smoking

There are many benefits to stopping smoking some of them incude that toxins from your body disappear, taste and smell come back and the overall health of the body improves. And the risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer or heart diseases reduces dramatically.
After stopping smoking oxygen levels in the body return to normal and your energy and fitness levels will increase. You will no longer smell of smoke in your clothes or home. Financially, you will be better off also and be able to spend that money on more beneficial things for yourself.


The Session

During the session we will look to replace the things that the smoking habit used to provide you with and change your perception and outlook by reprogramming your limiting beliefs you hold about smoking. By having a hypnotherapy session to stop smoking you will be giving yourself the necessary motivation and will power to succeed. After the session you will be taught a variety of techniques to help you support you after the session as well as hypnosis audiotracks to listen to.
Stopping smoking is all in the mind and hypnotherapy gives you the key to unlock and remove the addiction as well as reinforce more postive beliefs and habits. The cost of a hypnotherapy session will be far less than continuing the self-destructive habit of smoking. There are many different psychological and emotional reasons tied in with the addiction smoking which hypnotherapy has the tools to process.

Imagine yourself in the future say a year from now, totally free of smoking, how different would your life be what benefits would you have received?

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