Pain Management

For anyone experiencing pain that has been diagnosed by a medical profession Hypnotherapy can be of assistance in the alleviation of your symptoms. Pain is an essential issue that needs addressing in terms of maintaining a good quality of life, a person may either experience pain as being acute or chronic. Studies have shown that Hypnotherapy has shown to be an effective way of reducing and removing pain responses.

For hundreds of years hypnotherapy has been used to control and eliminate pain. This was before the discovery of painkillers and anaesthetics, in fact hypno aesthesia has been shown to actually boost our immune system. Hypnosis is good for producing analgesia & anesthesia.

Hypnosis is natural relaxation state that is naturally cataleptic, during the session suggestions will be made to alleviate the pain using distraction, reframing, numbing and disassociation hypnosis methods to help relieve the pain.

Our thoughts and beliefs are extremely powerful and our level of pain is directly connected to our emotions and beliefs. Hypnotherapy works with the mind and because the two are closely related, the physical body can be healed through the power of the mind in terms of recreating belief systems and mindsets and breaking down and black and white, all or nothing thinking around pain.

Our body produces its own natural painkillers and endorphins that called encephalin that are very much like morphine and heroin. What increases these in the body is having a relaxed mind and body. Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to change the way your think perceive and react to certain situations in a more relaxed and calm way and promotes overall feeling of ease. Giving us an internal medication for our pain.

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