Hypnotherapy for Children

Hypnotherapy is a fast and effective technique, which produces great results. Hypnosis works really well for children because they are very suggestible and are naturally in a trance like state. Growing up can be a difficult time and children where they have to face a myriad of pressures; some examples include school work, exams and bullying. Hypnotherapy can help children to deal with many different issues through visualization and hypnotic techniques.

Some of these include, Concentration Issues, Bedwetting, Thumb Sucking, Insominia/Nightmares, Hyperactivity, Depression, Anger Management/Anxiety, Phobias/Fears, Divorce/Grief and Loss, Nail Biting,Lack of Confidence/Insecurity and Weight Issues.

It is important that the child is willing to do the hypnotherapy itself and has a genuine to desire to want to change the problem or behavior, rather than it just being the parent’s decision. The hypnosis session is tailored towards a child’s’ understanding, for example the hypnotherapist will use more simple methods that include hero & media characters and other imagination tools based on the child’s interests as revealed in the first session.
Positive affirmations will be given to the child such as feeling more confident, liking themselves better, developing more positive belief systems and behaviors.

Through out the hypnosis session the parent or guardian is present with the child. Often the parent’s participation in this process is of equal importance to the session being successful.

After the session your child will be given a self-hypnosis relaxation CD to listen to as well as any after care techniques such as NLP anchoring.