Fears and Phobias

A fear can be described as a reaction to a perceived threat, it is a reaction to danger, activating our flight or flight nervous system and releasing the stress hormone cortisol. Being in a fear state consistently is damaging to our metal and physical health. Reacting to real fear can of course have a protective purpose, however when we keep reacting to imaginary fears it causes us to panic unnecessarily. Examples incude a fear of public speaking or driving.

A phobia is an anxiety disorder or persistent fear in relation to a situation or object that poses no real danger. The danger associated with the phobia is imagined and very much greatly exaggerated. Phobias are very common, often when a person has a phobia but has no rational memory or explanation it can be from a repressed memory or a past life. See my page on Past life regression for further information on this how unexplained phobias can be released through this type of hypnosis. Examples include arachnophobia (fear of spiders) or Aquaphobia (fear of water).

As fears and phobias both are very much connected to our subconscious, Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool for changing the way we think and perceive fears and phobias and therefore create more positive rational emotional responses to them. Other therapies such as Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP and Thought Field Therapy TFT are also very useful

During the session you will be taught coping mechanism and techniques to help you build your self-esteem and confidence so that you are better able deal with such situation. You will also be taught certain after care techniques such as self-hypnosis, NLP anchors or Thought Field Therapy TFT. These work to desensitise and release the previous unwanted emotional response and also reprogram the mind to have alternate belief systems.

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